Carboline Polibrid 705

CW Technical is the only certified Polibrid 705 applicator applying this product offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Polibrid 705 is an extraordinary new product designed to add years to the life of your structure. It is a tough, flexible, abrasion resistant film with features such as a low permeability rate, water and wastewater resistance.

Polibrid 705 provides the ultimate in corrosion protection for concrete or steel. Approved for use in potable water service, it protects against microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), making it ideal for municipal wastewater applications.

Generic Type: Solvent Free Aromatic Hybrid Polyurethane

Description: Ultra high-build, flexible, plural-component applied coating used as a lining for potable water, wastewater, penstocks, dam gates, offshore concrete pilings, offshore platforms decks and structure and pipeline applications and other aggressive immersion and containment applications. Cold temperature, single-coat and extremely quick cure capabilities provide benefits for a variety of fast-turnaround applications.


  • Combine Polyurethane and Polyurea technologies

  • Long-standing, successful track record

  • Single-coat, ultra-fast cure capabilities

  • High build and flexible for bridging normal shrinkage cracks in concrete

  • Provides a true monolithic film on steel and concrete substrates

  • Excellent for encapsulating rivets, bolts, rough welds and edges

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance and other performance properties

  • Can be used with cathodic protection

  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations

Plural Component Airless Spray Application Equipment:

  • GRACO┬« Hydra-Cat 45:1 fluid-to-air ratio

  • King air motor with triplex bottom on a 2A:1B, fixed-volume ratio

Standard equipment typically includes heated hoses, drum heaters, suction feed from 50-gallon steel drums (feed pumps not required in most cases), recirculation system, and automatic high-pressure shut-off systems. Other set-ups may be required and many options are available. Applicator training is required and Polibrid Technical Service must approve spray equipment.
CW Technical Services - Certified Polibrid 705 Applicator